In mid-February, 1990, Andy Kopp got some local citizens together and founded the We're Fed Up Group.  The group made the Associated Press news wire and was recognized worldwide. The news story also appeared on the front page of the Franklin Chronicle, Franklin, Ohio, February 21, 1990.


Through word of mouth the We're Fed Up Group has grown by leaps and bounds. This growth occurred due to people being "Fed Up" with a variety of issues. "We're Fed Up" has become a rallying cry for any  and all who have suffered some blatant action by various government entities.


Membership in the We're Fed Up Group does not require you to be registered, card carrying, or to pay dues of any sort. If you're fed up you're a member.


We believe people are over-regulated and suffer unnecessarily many consequences of victimless crime laws.  The consequences can be fines, the loss of business revenue and services to the public and even jail.


The We're Fed Up Group holds protests, rallies and parties to bring public attention and pressure to bear on the issues of the day.  These events are designed to draw attention to the issue at hand and encourage repeal or reform of victimless crime laws.


Our Mission is to identify statutes, local ordinances, and pending legislation which restrict individual liberties and rights while causing no harm to anyone. Some examples of these types of laws are the Ohio E-Check, seatbelt laws, gun control laws and smoking bans.


What are YOU fed up with?


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