Welcome to the We're Fed Up Group


Along life's twists and turns there become some pivotal forks in the road which can change one's life forever. One such pivotal fork in Andy Kopp's life which confronted him unexpectedly happened as a result of his owning a sign business.


Andy's business, Allied Valley Sign Company, located in his hometown of Franklin, Ohio population 15,000, rented and sold portable arrow signs in Franklin and the surrounding communities.


The municipal governments of the City of Frankilin and the surrounding communities outlawed these signs mainly for aesthetic reasons.  This action by the local governments made Andy madder than a hornet. He felt there were a lot of people like him who were also mad over similar actions by local governments. The initial issue and other like government insensitivity to citizens soon gave birth to the "We're Fed Up Group."



What are YOU fed up with?


Contact: Andy Kopp via email at baronvonkopf@zoomtown.com